What we do

We take the hassle out of your APC programme

We have worked hard to build this cloud based myAPCDiary, to capture all of the small variations and nuances between each different pathway and competency selection so you the candidate, your supervisor and your counsellor don't need to worry about it all.

Instead, you can now focus on actually completing your APC training process, filling in your competency experience records, attending the right Professional Development events, and enjoy your time doing actual competency experience related work.

The process for filling in all aspects of the myAPCDiary have been optimised and streamlined so that it only takes a few minutes a day to stay completely up to date with your APC training.

When that is all done, all you have to do is transfer the final data into the RICS templates.

How we're different

We are a collection of surveying professionals that have been through the APC programme, and we understand the importance of the whole process. By using our industry expertise and mixing them with the latest technology, we have been able to create something clear, easy to use, simple to understand, and very efficient.

The old fashioned way of completing your APC programme is now behind you. The myAPCDiary platform allows you, your Supervisor and your Counsellor to see exactly where you are at any time with everything within a few simple clicks. Never again will you be required to painfully count the number of days you have recorded manually, or work out how many hours of Professional Development you are missing.

We have taken care of all of that for you.

No other online system will beautifully lay out and produce your myAPC diary information for your RICS APC assessment.

It was our goal to take this complex APC process and lay it out in a professional and straight forward fashion. Feedback we now get is: “It is a pleasure to fill out the myAPCDiary.” We are delighted at the changes we have made to APC candidates’ experience.

How We're built

In addition to good old fashion blood, sweat and the occasional engineer's tears, we use some amazing technology.


PHP is our backend programming language of choice. It is powerful and dynamic with a clear syntax and a mature standard library.

Digital Ocean

We are fully hosted on Digital Ocean, this gives us the flexibility to rapidly scale our systems without effecting the level of our service.


By having our website fully responsive, all of our users are able to fill in, view and edit all aspects of the myAPCDiary from either their smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer at any time; all of which receive the exact same simple user experience.


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