How much can you save?


We have been directly involved in the APC process, development and delivery since 1998. Using our experience of managing the APC process and the effort needed to run a well managed process we have reviewed and calculated how much time and money you can save by using the myAPCDiary sofware. 

The myAPCDiary saves you (candidate, supervisor and counsellor) :

Over 60% of your management, administration and recording time. This includes the unique automation of the logbooks, error checking and error removal, ease of access and data entry, all in a recognisable format for anyone undertaking the APC process.

The hassle factor of trying to juggle and manage multiple candidates as they are all provided to you. Monitor and review them 24 hours a day on a simple to use supervisor and/or counsellor management screen. 

The frustration of incorrect data entry. Including the potential for the software (e.g. Microsoft Word or Excel) crashing and losing your data or the loss of data through mislaid data files or theft.

In direct costs, these savings equate to a financial saving (or laboured administration etc) of over £2,300.

In opportunity costs, this is a saving in the region of £4,600 in lost fee earning time. Whilst we appreciate candidates are often directed to complete their administration out of hours, it often ends up impacting on other daily duties, so if we can give employers an avenue to mitigate these issues that can only be a good thing. 

Finally, if you have the opportunity to save from £2,300 to £4,600 through each candidate's training process for an overall maximum outlay of £250 incl VAT for 24 months or more (based on a one-off payment), then we are providing you with a very cost effective and management effective tool to build and develop your workforce. We hope you find similar savings and efficiencies that we have by using the myAPCDiary. 

All figures stated are available for scrutiny by downloading our time and cost saving information sheet