Just like our myAPCDiary, we have kept it simple.

Our monthly payment plan will run the length of your diary, but if you have some time out, you can pause it at any time.

£15/month (incl vat)

Record all the elements of your APC in one easy to use and convenient place.  

£150/Year (incl vat)

12 months for the price of 10 months.
Save £30 annually with this plan.

£250 (incl vat)

One payment only. This saves the most if you are using the 
myAPCDiary for 17 months or more.


Got questions? We've got answers.

Why don't I just use the RICS Excel templates?

There is nothing stopping you from using the RICS templates, however they are not online, and are susceptible to corruption or loss of data as they are in Microsoft Excel and/or Word. They will not be able to tell you when you're due for a meeting, or remind you if you have fallen behind with any aspect of your diary. That is why we have designed our myAPCDiary to do all of this for you.

How much time will this save?

From our vast experience of the APC process we have calculated the savings the myAPCDiary will provide for Candidates, Supervisors and Counsellors. We believe we can save over 125 hours of the APC administration and workload, which equates to over £4608 of fee income time over a two year period.

Will this help me pass my APC Assessment?

No, not directly, but as the myAPCDiary system is based on many years experience of the APC process, it will make your APC experience substantially easier and more intuitive. The myAPC Dairy is designed so that you cannot go wrong when it comes to selecting the correct number and level of competency, recording your information, and ensuring that you have completed all of the necessary elements for your assessment. By removing a large proportion of your administrative burden, we are providing you a huge opportunity to put your energy into focusing on your Final Assessment preparation. Therefore, It definitely will improve your chances.

What can my supervisors and counsellors see?

They have full read-only access to your diary. So they will be able to monitor your progress and see all of the daily entries that you have made. This is a huge benefit as it will aid candidates in engaging with supervisors and counsellors. When you first register, you don't have to assign a supervisor or counsellor if you do not want to; however to be signed off on your competencies, these will have to be provided. 

How secure will all of my APC programme information be?

We use a 128 bit encryption once you are logged in, so you can be assured that your diary data, and any other sensitive data is safe with us. We will not share any of your information with any third party, ever.

When will I be billed?

Your billing date will be determined by when you registered and when your free trial comes to an end. If you pay monthly, your first billing amount will be pro-rata for the remainder of the month; after that you will be billed on the 1st of every month until you inform us that you no longer need to use the myAPC diary or you cancel your account. If you choose annual or one-off payment, click "START NOW" and we will be in touch.

What is the cancellation policy?

We need to have a month's notice to close your account. Remember you will need to cut and paste all your recorded information from myAPCDiary into an Excel spreadsheet so that you do not lose your data. 


Are there any limits to the length of time you can use myAPCDiary?

Once you have passed your APC and your monthly subscription has been cancelled you will be able to view your myAPCDiary data for ever.