Put your supervisors and counsellors in control of their Training process.

Our myAPCDairy system efficiently manages all of your candidate's information, allowing supervisors and counsellors to quickly, simply, and easily view candidate APC data and evaluate their progress.

The smart, clear, and concise way to monitor and manage all of your candidate's data.

We understand that the APC training process requires a great deal of time and attention (see our calculation of the time saved by using the myAPCDiary). Our myAPCDiary will allow supervisors and counsellors to spend more time on guiding candidates through the APC process, and not chasing paperwork. Our myAPCDiary also allows supervisors and counsellors to see and manage all of your candidate diaries in one place.

Your supervisors and counsellors will be able to:

  • View every single Candidate diary entry, sorted by month.

  • See exactly how many days have been recorded in the Log Book for each competency.

  • Understand what Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is lacking and needs addressing.

This is not just for one candidate, but for all of the candidates assigned to the supervisor and counsellor, in one easy to use platform, with all of their latest APC information in real-time.

Welcome to the future of the sign off process

To help you manage the APC process and monitor the candidate’s progress, we have collated all of the information you need to see to assess whether your candidate is ready to be signed off for any of their declared competencies and levels, at any time. myAPCDiary entries, competency sign off requirements, are all neatly arranged so the supervisors and counsellors can make a clear and informed decision.

The myAPCDiary system will allow candidates to send sign off requests directly to supervisors and counsellors, and if the sign off has already been agreed in a regular APC progress meeting, the candidate can sign off the level manually.

Your candidates will be able to record every aspect of their APC in the myAPCDiary.

Best of all, when the recording is complete, the myAPCDiary can publish the candidate's entire APC information in an easy to manipulate format that makes the creation of the Final Assessment templates simple.

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