Quick Entries – record your myAPCDiary days

The Quick Entry section of our myAPCDiary allows you to quickly fill in a diary entry, whether that be for a full day, or a half day. We’ve designed our system so that you can create an entry on any device or platform. So if you’re on your smartphone on your way home, all you have to do is login, and fill in the boxes.

The steps


1. Select a date

Each time you log into the diary, your homepage will show today’s date. If today is what you want to fill in, great, you’re ready to go. If not, then you can select the date on the left hand side:


Either use the left and right arrows to tab between the previous and next day, or click select date to show the calendar.

2. Make the entry

The RICS allows you to make either two half day entries, or one full day entry. Our system will allow you to do one or the other. Select which you would like at the top, based on that, the active boxes will turn orange.


This example shows two half day entries. You’ll need to place some text, i.e. your entry into each large box to describe what you have done. Then you will need to select a competency to assign each half day to.

Once you’re happy with that, simply click save, and you’re done.

Non-recording days

There will be days that you don’t want to record, find out how the non-recording days work here.


02 March 2014 | Adam Harvey | Leave a comment

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