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Making Multiple Changes to Your Diary

You can make multiple changes to your myAPCDiary up to the day that you actually started your diary. We’ve colour-coded our system so the you'll know exactly where to make changes in your diary. Days coloured green mean they have been filled out, days coloured grey mean that they have not yet been filled out, and…

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Diary Recording Limits

Your diary recording limits relate to the two graduate routes available for you to take. Once you hit the limit for either route, 400 days for Graduate Route One and 200 days for Graduate Route Two, the myAPCDiary becomes free to use! See the link below for more information on the different graduate routes: [Link…

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How to publish your APC Diary

Publish explained     The Diary publish option is located in the assessment section of the APC diary website. [screenshot needed] Here you will be presented with a list of your mandatory records, which include your: achievement record, development record, education and professional membership record, experience record and, not to mention, your entire diary. To…

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Non-recording days – what are they?

When using the quick diary, as well as recording days against competencies, you’ll have days that you would want to put down for other things. This is a quick guide to the various types of non-recording days that you can have have in your myAPCDiary. The types of non-recording days Weekends All weekend days will…

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