Non-recording days – what are they?

When using the quick diary, as well as recording days against competencies, you’ll have days that you would want to put down for other things. This is a quick guide to the various types of non-recording days that you can have have in your myAPCDiary.

The types of non-recording days


All weekend days will be automatically labelled as non-recording weekend days. However, if you are working weekends, and would like to record a diary entry for a competency against it, it is possible to change the weekend record. Simply click on it, and it will become active like a normal diary day.


You can mark days that you’ve taken as holiday as non-recording days. Simply select ‘Holiday’ from the ‘Select competency’ drop down.


Any days that you have taken off sick can be marked as non-recording days. Simply select ‘Sick’ from the ‘Select competency’ drop down.

Professional Development

Any day that you record professional development against should not ideally be recorded against a competency. If you’re doing professional development, you should select it from the ‘Select competency’ drop down.

Read more about the professional development section of your diary here.


These are days that you are working on other things that do not relate directly to any specific APC competency.


All of these non-recording days will be summed up and greyed out of your diary, so that you can be clear as to what diary days are outstanding each month.

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