Diary setup step 5 – Mentor selection

Diary setup step 5


All candidates must go through the five step setup process in order to activate their diary.

If they do not, the diary will still continue to use up the free trial days and/or will continue to bill the user if they have signed up with their billing details.

The final step is to add the mentors (supervisor and counsellor) for the candidate.


Four fields are needed per mentor:

  1. RICS Number – the mentors official RICS number. If the mentor is already on the system then the rest of the details will auto-populate.
  2. First name
  3. Last name
  4. Email address – this is the email that will be linked to the mentor. This is also the address where the mentor will receive their initial login credentials.

If the candidate does not have either or both mentors, then the candidate can check the ‘do not have’ box.

If this is selected for either, then the candidate will have to provide the details before they can make any sign off requests. This can be done from the settings page.

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