myAPCDiary – Request a Sign-Off

What is sign-off     Manual vs Electronic sign-off     How to request manual sign-off     How to request electronic sign-off     In the sign off section of the myAPCDiary website, candidates can choose between the two sets of competencies, mandatory and technical, to see what has and has not been completed yet….

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How to Create an Experience Record

Navigating, Editing and  Deleting Summary of Experience Records     After completing your logbook, come to this section of the website to fill out your experience records, which you will need to do before you can be signed off all together! Create You can create your experience records, whether mandatory or technical, by filling out…

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How to Create a Professional Development Record

In this section of the My myAPCDiary website you can keep your professional development record up to date. At the top of the page you will be presented with a concise summary of what hours you’ve recorded and for what competency (personal, technical or professional), thus clearly showing you how close you are to reaching…

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Making Multiple Changes to Your Diary

You can make multiple changes to your myAPCDiary up to the day that you actually started your diary. We’ve colour-coded our system so the you'll know exactly where to make changes in your diary. Days coloured green mean they have been filled out, days coloured grey mean that they have not yet been filled out, and…

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