About us

The myAPCDiary is the only cloud based system that will help you record, track, and maintain all of your RICS Assessment of Professional Competence training process.

Everyone that has had a hand in putting together the myAPC Diary website has had first hand experience of all aspects of the RICS APC training process. The website is a product of these experiences, and it reflects the latest online technological innovations.

We are experienced - having developed and run a standalone Microsoft Excel myAPCDiary since 2001.

We know how to make something intuitive, simple and easy to use, while functional, efficient and practical; embracing new online technologies, to enhance and develop your experience.

Using the lessons we have learned from running an offline product we have been able to develop and perfect a BRAND NEW online product bringing many more levels of functionality and security for anyone using the myAPCDiary to simplify and enhance their APC training process. 

We are professional - we are a team of professionals that have high levels of experience in Quantity Surveying & Construction, APC processs development, RICS Regulation, Conduct & Ethics, training & development, user interface design, graphic design, operational management, and web development. This collective mix has allowed the multifunctional myAPCDiary to be created.

We are comprehensive - we've looked at every APC pathway individually to ascertain exactly what competencies are required, as well as what nuances need to be taken into consideration for the Final Assessment. All of this allows you to concentrate on your APC training process and let us take the strain out of the day to day administration and management for you.

We are efficient - everything we do is about making our customers' lives easy. Companies need their employees to function more efficiently, and the myAPCDiary has been built with that in mind.

We have you in mind - we have already experienced and thought at length about the interactions that you must go through to complete your APC Training period. These have all been built into the myAPCDiary.

We are secure - all of your myAPCDiary information is stored securely on our servers, so you should never lose any of your myAPCDiary information.

We are helpful - you can email us at any time regarding questions you have about the myAPCDiary or the APC process.


59-60 Russell Square