Take control of your APC
by using the online myAPC Diary platform, from .

  • Our online myAPCDiary platform will allow a candidate to record all aspects of their APC programme. It will also provide all related supervisors and counsellors a means of tracking their assigned candidates, in a simple to use, and centralised location. All live, with the latest information.
  • Candidates and their companies can save over £2,000.00 by using our platform for all of their diary needs. Sign up for a free trial today below to see for yourself!
  • "The myAPCDiary is great - the diary entries are easy to record and it is really useful to see which competencies I need to spend more time on.  It is going to be so much easier compiling my final submission documents."  Madeline Tucker July 2015

  • Candidates

    Record all aspects of your APC diary. It will send you useful reminders to keep you on track throughout your APC training process.

  • Supervisors and Counsellors

    See exactly where each one of your candidates are with their APC process. Receive useful notifications so that you can monitor your candidates and their progress keeping up to date with their diary recording.

  • Assessment

    Once your myAPC Diary is complete, we have provided the output of the myAPC Diary in a simple user-friendly format ready to copy and paste into the RICS final assessment templates.

Keep your myAPC Diary up to date on the move. We've made the entire myAPC Diary compatible across all computer platforms, browsers, smart phones and tablet devices; so anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection and an electronic device you can update your APC reporting and stay in control.

The myAPC Diary has been designed to manage the APC process and save many administration hours, allowing you to focus on the important aspects of your APC process. See our myAPC Diary time savings calculations for more information.

Employers, Supervisors and counsellors, can view all of your candidate's progress simultaneously in one easy to use platform. You will be able to action sign off requests, see all of their other records, and receive useful notifications regarding their progress.

We know from experience that the myAPC Diary will allow supervisors and counsellors to monitor their candidates and operate more efficiently. It will allow them to spend their time more effectively guiding their candidates through the APC process. 

The APC process has now entered the future with the online myAPC Diary from DeLever.